3 Adidas Sport Shoes Good for Running and Training Activities

adidas has been in the running game for over 80 years (longer than you’ve been running!). In their early days, they helped propel world-class athletes like Jesse Owens across the finish line. They continue to be a mainstay in the running community (they’ve been a sponsor of the Boston Marathon since 1988). I think we can all agree that they GET running. But which adidas running shoes are best for you?

We’ve categorized our favorites by what they’re best for – from daily training runs to race day. Read on to find the right adidas running shoe for you:

Best For Every Day Running: The adidas Solar Glide 19

Men’s adidas Solar Glide 19 in Black/Solar Red

We love training in the Solar Glide 19. It’s a great shoe for daily running and features responsive boost cushioning that provides solid underfoot energy. This means that during those runs when you’re just not feeling it at all, you’ll get a literal boost to help you along. Nice, right? Our San Diego HQ runners who tried the Solar Glide 19 also liked the solar propulsion rail. This helps guide your feet forward during runs. Ultimately, we felt this shoe provided the right combination of support, energy return and cushion perfect for daily training runs. It’s a smooth, propulsive ride.


Shoe category: Neutral

Cushion Level: 4

Drop: 10mm

Best feature: Maximum comfort to support daily training runs

Weight: 10 ounces for men and 9.4 ounces for women


Best For Long Runs: adidas Ultra Boost 19

Women’s adidas Ultra Boost 19 in Blue/Coral

This shoe is an adidas fan favorite for a reason. Yes, it’s stylish, but it’s also got extra boost cushioning. The Ultra Boost 19 has 20% more boost cushion. This shoe also feels different from its predecessor – it’s springier. This is because adidas updated the torsion spring to offer more propulsion during toe-off and modified the Stretchweb outsole to improve traction by 20%. And that upper. It’s SO comfortable. adidas uses a Primeknit 360 seamless upper that expands and supports your foot as you move through your run (perfect for inevitable foot swelling during longer runs). It’s also a really breathable shoe.


Shoe category: Neutral

Cushion Level: 5

Drop: 10mm

Best features: Responsiveness and that flexible, adaptive upper

Weight: 10.9 ounces for men and 9.4 ounces for women

Best For Supported Runs: adidas Solar Boost ST 19

Men’s adidas Solar Boost 19 ST in Grey

Runners in need of stability shoes typically exhibit mild to moderate overpronation. Overpronation can be identified via the wear patterns in your running shoes. If you notice that most of the wear is along the inside of your shoes, you’re rolling your feet inward while running and should consider a shoe that offers a firm medial post to help control the inward roll. The adidas Solar Boost ST 19 has a supportive heel construction that keeps your heel in place without limiting your range of motion. Another bonus: adidas used ARAMIS technology (used by NASA, BMW, and Boeing) to capture the foot in motion. Sounds fancy (which it is), but to break it down for you, this means that this shoe was designed for the natural movement of the foot. It avoids pressure points and areas of irritation for a comfortable, stable run.


Shoe category: Stability

Cushion Level: 5

Drop: 10mm

Best features: Targeted support where you need it + cushy comfort

Weight: 11 ounces for men and 9.8 ounces for women

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Source: https://www.roadrunnersports.com/blog/best-adidas-running-shoes-2/


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